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ECON 301- Theory of International Economics

Uluslararası Ekonominin advanced dersi olan Econ 301 dersinde Hocanın derste ödev olarak verdiği Study Sheetler üzerinden soruları çözüyor; gerekirse geçmiş yıl sınavlarının üzerinden geçiyoruz.  



Ders Tanıtımı:

In this course first mercantilists’ view on trade, Adam Smith’s Law of Absolute Advantage and David Ricardo’s Law of Comparative Advantage will be studied. Then standard trade theory will be presented which will be followed by analysis of equilibrium relative price with trade. After that, Hechscher-Ohlin (H-O) Theory will be looked into. New trade theories based on imperfect competition will be covered next. Finally trade barriers including tariffs quotas and export subsidies will be analyzed.

Haftalık Konular: 

  1. Mercantilists’ view on trade, Trade based on Absolute Advantage: Adam Smith

  2. Trade based on Comparative Advantage: David Ricardo

  3. Comparative Advantage and Opportunity Cost, Basis for and Gains from Trade under Constant Costs

  4. Production Frontier with Constant Cost, Community Indifference Curves, Autarky Equilibrium

  5. Basis for and Gains from Trade under Increasing Costs, Trade based on Differences in Tastes

  6. Equilibrium Relative Price with Trade: Partial Equilibrium Analysis, Offer Curves

  7. Mıdterm Exam

  8. Equilibrium Relative Price with Trade: General Equilibrium Analysis, Terms of Trade

  9. Assumptions of Hechscher-Ohlin (H-O) Theory and Their Meanings, Factor Intensity, Factor Abundance and the Shape of Production Frontiers

  10. Factor Endowments and H-O Theory, Factor-Price Equalization Theorem and Income Distribution

  11. Economies of Scale and International Trade

  12. Imperfect Competition and International Trade

  13. Partial Equilibrium Effects of a Tariff, Costs and Benefits of Tariff

  14. Import Quotas, Its Effects, and Its Comparison with Tariff

  15. Voluntary Export Restraints, Dumping, Export Subsidies

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