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MAN 322 - Money and Banking

Bilkent Özel Dersler

MAN 322 dersinde Hocanın derste ödev olarak verdiği Study Sheetler üzerinden soruları çözüyor; gerekirse geçmiş yıl sınavlarının üzerinden geçiyoruz.  



Ders Tanıtımı:

This course is designed to introduce the theory and practice of money and banking in developing countries. In the first part of the course, money demand and money supply processes and the role of money in an economy will be emphasized. In the second part, the macroeconomics framework will be developed. And finally in the third part, the course will focus on the models of bank behaviour and management. In addition, a wide range of topics from financial institutions to government intervention in financial markets will be covered.


Haftalık Konular: 

  1. Introduction: Why do we study Macroeconomics and banking

  2. Behavior of Interest Rates

  3. Risk and Term Structure of Interest Rates

  4. The Foreign Exchange Markets and Exchange Rate Determination

  5. The Stock Market, The Theory of Rational Expectations and the Efficient Market Hypothesis

  6. Central Banking, Money Supply Process and Determinants of Money Supply Process

  7. Tools and Transmission Mechanism of Monetary Policy

  8. Aggregate Demand and Supply Analysis and rational Expectations: Implication for Policy

  9. Review

  10. An Economic Analysis of Financial Structure

  11. The Banking Firm and Bank Management

  12. Economic Analysis of Banking Regulation

  13. Project presentations

  14. Project presentations

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