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MAN 213 - Principles of Financial Accounting

Muhasebenin advanced dersi olan MAN 213 dersinde Hocanın derste ödev olarak verdiği Study Sheetler üzerinden soruları çözüyor; gerekirse geçmiş yıl sınavlarının üzerinden geçiyoruz.  



Ders Tanıtımı:

An introductory accounting course, that covers the accounting environment, basic mechanics of record keeping and reporting of financial statement information. Specifically, the topics covered include the generally accepted accounting principles, the accounting cycle, preparation and reporting of financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, and statement of shareholders' equity) together with the discussion of individual accounts that are included in those financial statements (i.e. current assets; long-term assets and accounting for depreciation; liabilities and shareholders' equity).


Haftalık Konular: 

  1. Business Activities and the Role of Accounting

  2. The Accounting Cycle

  3. The Accounting Cycle

  4. Completing the Accounting Cycle

  5. Completing the Accounting Cycle

  6. Completing the Accounting Cycle

  7. Merchandise Transactions

  8. Inventories

  9. Current Assets and Investments

  10. Property, plant and equipment

  11. Liabilities

  12. Shareholders\' Equity

  13. Cash Flow Statement

  14. Cash Flow Statement

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