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MAN 401 - Managerial Economics

Bilkent Özel Dersler

MAN 401 dersinde Hocanın derste ödev olarak verdiği Study Sheetler üzerinden soruları çözüyor; gerekirse geçmiş yıl sınavlarının üzerinden geçiyoruz.  



Ders Tanıtımı:

This course introduces economic concepts used in managerial decision making. By the end of the course students will be equipped with basic tools of microeconomics and with experience applying these tools to questions about consumer behaviour, competition among firms, and government policy. Cases and problems will illustrate how economic concepts can be applied to improve corporate strategies. senior standing


Haftalık Konular: 

  1. Introduction -and Beauregard Textile Case

  2. Demand Analysis

  3. Demand Estimation and Forecasting

  4. Cost Analysis

  5. Pricing Strategies

  6. Review and Exam 1

  7. Radiohead Case and Atlantic Bundle Cases

  8. Nature of Industry and Competition

  9. Game Theory

  10. Simulatenous Games

  11. Review and Exam 2

  12. Sony PS3 versus Microsoft XBox Elite Case

  13. Sequential Games

  14. Judo Economics and Entry Strategies

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