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MAN 416 - Financial Statement Analysis

Bilkent Özel Dersler

MAN 416 dersinde Hocanın derste ödev olarak verdiği Study Sheetler üzerinden soruları çözüyor; gerekirse geçmiş yıl sınavlarının üzerinden geçiyoruz.  



Ders Tanıtımı:

This course aims to develop an ability to analyze financial information as an aid to financial decision making. The emphasis will be on the usefulness of information for various groups, such as investor's of the firm, security analysts and creditors. Basic financial statement analysis tools, such as ratio analysis, cross-sectional and time-series analysis, statistical forecasting models will be covered. Part of this course will be devoted to the research and empirical evidence on the impact of financial statement information on asset pricing, efficiency of the capital markets, debt ratings and corporate restructuring.


Haftalık Konular: 

  1. Introduction

  2. Overview of Financial Statements and Analysis

  3. The Balance Sheet-assets

  4. The Balance Sheet-assets

  5. The Balance Sheet-liabilities and shareholders\' equity

  6. Income statement and statement of shareholders\' equity

  7. Statement of cash flows

  8. A Guide to Earnings and Financial Reporting Quality

  9. The Analysis of Financial Statements

  10. Ratio Analysis

  11. Midterm

  12. Accounting for Mergers and Acquisitions

  13. Company Valuation

  14. Company Valuation

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